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Love Compatibility for Leo Zodiac Signs


how to attract a leo manWant to know more about Leo relationships and romance? Looking for Leo Compatibility explanations? Leo compatibility tells us that they are powerful leaders, creative and enthusiastic people. People with the birth sign of Leo tend to have a strong love for pleasure and are usually driven from one beautiful lover to another. Below you can find the Compatibility of Leo with all of the other astrological signs. Meet some one new? Want to see how you might match up with them? This Compatibility of Leo information below will help answer that question!

Love Compatibility for Leo and Other Signs

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Love Compatibility for Leo

Love Compatibility for Leo and Other SignsLeo and Aries love compatibility
Leo and Aries are both strong signs. Fire and passion could run at very high levels. This could be fun for awhile but as the saying goes, you get too close to the fire and you get burned. Leo and Aries are great for fun together! Maybe not the best for marriage and commitments though!
Forecast: Stormy and rough weather ahead!

Leo and Taurus love compatibility

Leo and Taurus stands a great chance at true love. Leo is ruled by the sun and Taurus by Venus. If the strong willed Taurus can accept the Leo wanting to be in charge, strong relationships can be formed between a Leo and Taurus.
Forecast: Sunny days with lots of fun!

Leo and Gemini love compatibility

The Leo and Gemini share many traits. Both like the spicy side of life and share interests in a good variety of daily activities. The true test for a Leo and Gemini comes if the Leo can put up with the Gemini’s lack of taking life as serious as the Leo does. A Gemini tends to have many sides to their personality and this can drive a Leo nuts. Might want to just leave Gemini as a friend, but hey it could work too!
Forecast: Cloudy with chance of Rain!

Leo and Cancer love compatibilityhow to get a leo man fall in love

Leo and Cancer? Are you crazy? Fire and Water, think about it! Nothing good will come from a Leo and a Cancer. Run… Run faster! Cancer and Leo make great friends, but don’t try to light the fires here! We suggest you go find a good book to read instead!
Forecast: Windy and cold with chance of snow!

Love Compatibility for Leo and Other SignsLeo and Leo love compatibility

Leo and Leo make a great pair! Both share the same sun and fire signs! Just don;t forget that the Leo sitting next to you enjoys to lead and enjoys lots of compliments too! If you are a good Leo and can give as much as you get, then pair up with another Leo and watch the campfire glow light up! Leo and Leo are a yes yes in my book!
Forecast: Warm weather! Great for camping under the moon and fishing under the sun!

Leo and Virgo love compatibility

Leo and Virgo can have fun for awhile. Often the strong criticizing nature of a Virgo will over power a Leo with their strong confident attitude. A Leo won’t need to be criticized as they tend to do everything to perfection anyway, yet the strong nature of a Virgo won’t be able to resist. might work out if both parties work at it.
Forecast: Cloudy day with spots of sunshine!

Leo and Libra love compatibility

Leo and Libra is a match made in Heaven. Fire and air go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter. Leo, if you get a chance to grab up a fun loving happy Libra, jump on it! Happiness will stay with you and a Libra! A Leo-Libra relationship will be full of fun and laughter. The two of you will enjoy finding new and creative ways to enjoy each others day!
Sun Sun Sun and lots of pretty Sun! Oh what a beautiful day!

Leo and Scorpio love compatibility

Leo and Scorpio are Fire and Water. Not a good mix and normally won’t last long. Leo will find the Scorpio to be very attractive and full of potential. Love at first site is common between a Leo and Scorpio. But as fast as love comes, it goes. The strong sexual attraction will ride itself out fast and hard, but of course will be lots of fun! Might try it for awhile but don’t expect a white picket fence and a baby carriage!
Forecast: Cool fall day with little bit of wind!

Leo and Sagittarius love compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius share the fire sign and lix very well together. Leo finds the Sagittarius to be very exciting and make great social partners. Each enjoying meeting new people and sharing their friends with each other. Often Leo and Sagittarius work well together and make great lovers and business partners. Combine the pair and happy families are made!
Forecast: Warm spring day with lots of sun! Perfect weather for a hike!

how to seduce a leo manLeo and Capricorn love compatibility

Leo and Capricorn are Fire and Earth signs, as we all know dirt will put out a fire quick. That is how Leo will feel when Capricorn goes on the silent treatment as Capricorns are very good at doing. Leo will need constant attention from their mate and Capricorn will not feel the need to give it. Leo is better off just staying friends with Capricorn, but hey who am I to tell you what to do Leo. We all know you make your own decisions. So go a head and learn your lesson the hard way!
Forecast: Cold and windy. It could rain on your parade!

Leo and Aquarius love compatibility

Leo and Aquarius don’t seem to mix well together. Al though Leo finds Aquarius to be very attractive, the relationship can become rocky fast and remain that way. Aquarius becomes to independent for Leo and things just go South from there. Often Aquarius is too unconventional in their understanding of love and relationships. This won’t work well with a dominant Leo.
Forecast: Snow and ice with cold winds!

Leo and Pisces love compatibility

Like water on a raging fire, Pisces and Leo relationships burn out quick. Love just isn’t meant to be between Leo and Pisces and we don;t think you should get burned. Pisces high sensitiveness is too much for Leo to handle, and Pisces’ extravagance is at least weird to a conservative thinker such as the King of Kings
Forecast: Rain Rain Rain, wait is that a hurricane?

Compatibility of Leo

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